Рубрика: Adult Development and Aging

Lifestyle Factors

Most attention in health promotion and disease prevention programs is on tackling a handful of behaviors that have tremendous payoff, such as keep­ing fit and eating properly. In turn, these programs educate adults about good health care practices and help identify conditions such as hypertension, high cholesterol levels, and elevated blood sugar levels, which, if […]

Saving Social Security

Few political issues have been around as long and are as politically sensitive as the issues relating to making Social Security fiscally sound for the long term. The basic issues have been well known for decades: the baby-boom generation and the following smaller workforce will greatly stretch the current system, and the present method for […]

Social Security and Medicare

Without doubt, the 20th and the beginning of the 21st centuries saw a dramatic improvement in the everyday lives of older adults in industrializedcountries. The increase in the number of older adults and their gain in political power, coupled with increased numbers of social programs address­ing issues specifically involving older adults, created unprecedented gains for […]

Successful Aging

14.1 DEMOGRAPHIC TRENDS AND SOCIAL POLICY Demographic Trends: 2030 • Social Security and Medicare • Current Controversies: Saving Social Security 14.2 HEALTH ISSUES AND QUALITY OF LIFE Health Promotion and Quality of Life • A Framework for Maintaining and Enhancing Competence • Health Promotion and Disease Prevention • Lifestyle Factors 14.3 SUCCESSFUL AGING Discovering Development: […]