Психология взаимоотношений

Психология взаимоотношений мужчины и женщины

Humdrum of life

Purchase of domestic pets in the USA. How we found our new kittens?

After unsuccessful attempt to find kittens of breed «Russian blue cat» when instead of pretty cats we came across professional swindlers from Africa which entice money at trustful fans of animals, I decided to narrow the area of search and to be limited to

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Where Smorodinka blossoms?

Ordinary the currant – all pretty yellow florets blossoms. Leaves – cuffs fringed are good only. And as will become covered by summer by black glossy berries – eyes not to tear off! Hang on branches hard balls, the sun from them as if from the polished drums

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How children at the Uzbek school at the time of the USSR studied?

What does the Russian-Uzbek school mean? It means that till a dinner school students in the Uzbek language, and after a dinner Russian classes there study. Sometimes some Uzbek teachers who are speaking Russian, taught and in Russian classes.

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How society earns on making you the ideal person?

About that each person should be ideal, all people accustom since the childhood. And such should for each age category – the whole list… The ideal person has many duties, it is pleasant to all people. George Dolgikh, Shutterstock.com The child

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