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Strip Clubs

here are many occupations within the sex indus­try, including prostitution, porn acting, erotic writ­ing, and dancing. Erotic dancing has typically been looked down upon, and strippers are often viewed as "de­viant" and "bad" (Sweet & Tewksbury, 2000). What would make a woman want to take off her clothes for money? Women who strip for money […]

Sexual Trafficking

  orldwide, thousands of women and children are sold into sexual trafficking or sexual slavery every year (U. S. Department of State, 2005). This involves recruiting, obtaining, and transporting individuals by use of force or coercion for the purpose of forcing them into invol­untary acts, such as prostitution. Typically young and vulner­able individuals are targeted […]

In Their Own Words

rostitutes the world over have different opinions, attitudes, and concerns about prostitution. Here are several comments from prostitutes from differ­ent countries. Frau Eva, Vienna, Austria: I have been in the business for eleven years and I founded the Austrian Association of Prostitutes. We organized in order to have a voice with public authorities. Austria, like […]

Prostitution in Other Cultures

Prostitution exists all over the globe. We will now explore how different countries han­dle prostitution and the different problems they encounter. In the accompanying Human Sexuality in a Diverse World, “In Their Own Words,” three women discuss their experiences of prostitution. During World War II it is estimated that 200,000 women from Japan, Korea, China, […]

Life After Prostitution

Potterat and colleagues (1990) found that female prostitutes stay in the life for a rela­tively short time, usually 4 or 5 years. Some feel ready to leave, whereas others are forced out because of a deteriorating physical appearance or because of addiction to drugs or al­cohol. Life after prostitution is often grim because most prostitutes […]


No discussion of prostitution can be complete without examining sexually transmitted infections, life after prostitution, and prostitution in other cultures. Prostitution and Sexually Transmitted Infections Most prostitutes are knowledgeable about STIs and AIDS. They try to minimize their risks by using condoms, rejecting clients with obvious STIs, and routinely taking antibi­otics. However, although female prostitutes […]


ollege students were asked how they felt about prostitution and whether or not they thought prosti- ___ ‘ tution should be legal. Following are some of their answers. Female: Prostitution should be illegal, because it’s not healthy and morally wrong. Male: / think prostitution should be legalized. If people want to pay to get laid, […]

The Client

As we discussed earlier, clients of prostitutes are often referred to as “johns,” “tricks,” or even “kerb crawlers” (Brooks-Gordon & Geisthorpe, 2003). The term trick has also been used to describe the behavior requested by the client. This term originated from the idea that the client was being “tricked” out of something, mainly his money […]

Other Players in the Business

Prostitutes are not the only people involved in the business. Other players include pimps, clients, and the government. The Pimp Pimps play an important role in prostitution, although not all prostitutes have pimps. In exchange for money, a pimp offers the prostitute protection from both clients and the police. Many pimps take all of a […]