Рубрика: Sexing the Body

The Rodent’s Tale

1. Milton Diamond, Elizabeth Adkins-Regan, William Byne, Donald Dewesbury, Marc Breedlove, and, indirectly, Kim Wallen—all of whom study the role of hormones in behavior and/or study the comparative psychol­ogy of animals—took time to comment on an earlier draft of this chapter. Their critiques were generous and of enormous help. I am very grateful for their […]

(Gender Becomes Chemical)

1. Parkes i966,p. 72; quoted in idem, 1966, p. xx. 2. Corner 1965. 3. Quoted in Hall 1976, p. 83, 84. The discussion in this paragraph is based on Hall’s article. Physicians dealt with ‘‘a myriad of complaints and abnormalities that defied classification as failures or over-activity of the go­nadal chemical messengers’’ (p. 83). 4. […]

How Biologists Make a Difference

1. For a general discussion of the problems of visibility and observation in science, see Hacking 1983. 2. Arguments about body structure are not new. In the nineteenth cen­tury some well-known biologists poured lead shot into empty skulls and then held forth on which group of people (males or females, blacks or whites) had larger […]

Chapter 3: Of Gender and Genitals: The Use and Abuse of the Modern Intersexual [6]

gency.’’ The following are typical quotes from medical articles on intersexual­ity: ‘‘Ambiguous sex in the newborn infant is a medical emergency’’ (New and Levine 1981 ,p. 61); ‘‘Although it is now well-accepted that ambiguity of the genitalia is a medical emergency, this was not the case a decade ago’’ (Lobe, etal. 1987, p. 651); ‘‘Gender […]

Chapter 1: Dueling Dualisms

1. Hanley 1983. 2. My description of these events is based on the following reports: de la Chapelle 1986; Simpson 1986; Carlson 1991; Anderson 1992; Grady 1992; Le Fanu 1992; Vines 1992; Wavell and Alderson 1992. 3. Quoted in Carlson 1991 p. 27. 4. Ibid. The technical name for Patino’s condition is Androgen Insensitivity Syn­drome. […]

Russian Dolls

Is there some easy way to envision the double-sided process that connects the production of gendered knowledge about the body on the one surface to the materialization of gender within the body on the other?90 While no metaphor is perfect, Russian nesting dolls have always fascinated me. As I take apart each outer doll, I […]