Notes on measurement and method

This appendix provides more detail on the measurements and methods used to quantify mobilization against gender violence in chapter 3 and media attention to gender violence in Russia in chapters 4 through 6. Women’s Mobilization against Gender Violence Measuring the extent of mobilization against gender violence in Russia is a dif­ficult endeavor. As Weldon (2002, […]


The findings of this study lead to the following recommendations for those activ­ists and scholars committed to the ideas of global feminism: Global feminists should stay involved. It is understandable that some Western feminists would prefer to keep their hands clean by not involving themselves with interventions from strong states or even international development agencies. […]

How and when funding can work

A brief comparative analysis of other similar interventions on the issue of domes­tic violence in formerly communist countries in East and Central Europe and the former Soviet Union highlights how and why funding of gender violence ac­tivism worked in Russia. Most states in the region had experienced some inter­vention, and by 2006, most had passed […]

Brief review of the findings

The new global feminist consensus on violence against women suggests three general objectives for intervention upon which to assess interventions’ success. On the first objective, the mobilization of local activism, the Russian case shows the weakness of the least intrusive form of intervention, transnational feminist networking. Despite activists’ hopes and scholars’ assertions, the impact of […]

Conclusion: Recommendations. for Future Interventions

O VER the last two decades, strong states, intergovernmental agen­cies, and large donors have increasingly justified their interventions as helping women. Their claims are given legitimacy by a new consensus among international women’s activists and human rights advocates that women’s rights are human rights. Central to this global feminist consensus are new claims that gender-based […]