Рубрика: Gender and Education in China


With the admission of young women to Beijing University in 1919 and the creation of the Beijing Women’s Higher Normal School in the same year — thus sanctioning the principle of higher education for women — the initial period of women’s public education in China that began with the opening of the Chinese Girls’ School […]

Female students ‘behaving badly’

The prescriptions of officials, educators and commentators notwithstanding, it is clear that anxiety continued to prevail over the prospect that girls and young women would ‘misunderstand’ the rationale and purposes of women’s schooling so carefully delineated by the former. The increasingly acerbic critical discourse on female students’ dress, behaviour and attitudes after 1912 in the […]

‘Unharnessed fillies’

The modernizing conservative agenda on women’s education in the early Republic In January 1915, on the eve of the New Culture Movement that was to launch an ‘iconoclastic’ assault on the Confucian tradition, a Shanghai teacher, Yu Tiansui, wrote an article on women’s education for the first issue of Funu zazhi (The Ladies Journal).1 Echoing […]