Рубрика: Our Sexuality

Legal Status and Sex Work

The legal status and the principles underlying the laws pertaining to the buying and sell­ing of sexual services vary from place to place (Shaver, 2009). In most countries, includ­ing the United States, prostitution is considered an immoral activity and is illegal under criminal laws, except for some areas in Nevada. (Weitzer, 2007). In Sweden and […]

Customers of Sex Workers

Sex workers exist because there is a demand for their services. In the United States, "John" is the label for the men of all backgrounds, ages, races, religions, and socioeco­nomic status who buy sex. One study found that most men buying sex were married or with a partner and ranged in age from 20 to […]

The Personal Costs of Sex Work

Sex workers have very diverse working conditions and experiences (Weitzer, 2007). Decriminalization and legalization of sex work significantly improves the health and safety of sex workers, but most sex workers across the world operate under the disadvan­tages of criminal legal statutes. Sex workers can develop physical and mental health prob­lems as a result of violence, […]

Teenagers in Sex Work

The U. S. Department of Justice’s Child Exploitation and Obscenity Section estimates that in the United States, the median age of entry into the sex industry is between 12 and 14 years of age (Lloyd, 2010). Statistics from the National Incident-Based Reporting System indicate that in the United States, of the total number of juvenile […]

The Internet and Sex Work

The Internet has transformed the world’s oldest profession. Male and female sex work­ers are increasingly operating independently through individual websites. For example, by 2011 approximately 83% of sex workers in New York City advertised their ser­vices on Facebook (Venkatesh, 2011). The sex worker and customer negotiate through e-mail, which eliminates the need for part of […]

History of Prostitution and Sex Work

Prostitution has existed throughout history and has been called the oldest profession. However, the importance and meaning of prostitution have varied in different times and societies. Evidence shows that men sold sexual services to other men as far back as the ancient Sumerian and Greek civilizations (Pandey, 2007). During some periods of ancient Greek history, […]

Prostitution and Sex Work

Prostitution is the exchange of sexual services for money. Prostitution is typically thought of in terms of a woman selling sexual services to a man, although transac­tions between two males are also common. Payment for a man’s services to a woman is less common. Sex worker is a term for a person involved in prostitution […]

Is Pornography Harmful?

In contrast with research discussed in the previous "Is Pornography Helpful?" sec­tion, other studies report correlations between Internet pornography use and dimin­ished quality of relationships. One study of heterosexual college students found that higher use of pornography was associated with less sexual and relationship satisfaction (Morgan, 2011). A study of unmarried couples reported that individuals […]