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Take Womenomics with You

As you head off into work-life bliss, we want to give you a final bit of news you can literally use—at any moment. Here’s a Womenomics cheat sheet you can cut out and keep in your wallet and pull out whenever you need to remind yourself how you can finally get what you want. If […]

The Right Stuff

OK. All that sounds great, you’re probably thinking: But what are the odds I’m going to find a company like that? It’s true that most companies don’t have those breathtaking, eye-popping programs and stats to show off, at least not yet. Not every com­pany is ready to, or is even able to, blow open its […]

Sun Microsystems

Sun Microsystems is the epitome of a company without walls, boundaries, or mandatory cubicles. There are employees around the world—from Beijing to Boston to Buenos Aires—working wherever they please. The issue of where an employee might live barely comes up in job interviews. Live where you want. Just get the job done. Greg Papadopoulos, the […]

Best Buy

Next time you need to buy a television or a computer and you hop down to the local Best Buy to make the purchase, remind yourself that this isn’t an ordinary shopping expedition. You are heading into the belly of a workplace revolution. Back in 2002 Cali Ressler and Jody Thompson were both human resources […]

Nirvana Squared

There’s just no better way to describe what some companies have pulled off on the freedom front. We’ve given you details about the great program at Capital One, and there are so many other visionary places. What sets them apart is the belief that flexibility should be an institutional practice—a standard across the company instead […]


It’s getting harder for companies to disguise their true natures. You certainly won’t be taken in by a superficial rouge job if you’ve followed the process we outlined above. You’ll also find, as you really begin to look around, that a company’s Womenomics — friendly attitude will shine through like a healthy glow. And the […]

A Fresh Start

If you’re looking for a fresh start, the trick is to find out whether your potential mate is really everything he says he is. How do you know for sure this is a company that’s going to suit your Womenomics requirements? When you’re considering a new employer it’s easy, of course, to ask about the […]

A womenomics world

f this is your moment to move on, congratulations. If you’ve quit, been poached, or even been laid off, the future looks rosier than the past. You may be feeling nervous and insecure, but your prospects, and the prospects for all women yearning for workplace sanity, are better than ever. Across the country, com­panies are […]

Rule Nine: Know When to Quit

Look, we’ll be candid—it can happen that rules one through eight just don’t work. And that’s when you need rule nine. Some­times, however skillfully you make your case, your boss just won’t be able to overcome the worry list. When you really have tried everything and still can’t get the work life you want from […]