Рубрика: Abortion and Woman’s Choice

Maternal ReviPalism

Like its view of the fetus, the "right-to-life" view of motherhood is a remarkably Victorian mixture of religious and biological-determinist elements. On the one hand, there is the Augustinian image of woman as ordained by God to procreate; the passive receptacle of the male seed, "selfish" and "sinful" if she evades that destiny and directs […]

Biological ReducHonism

Increasingly, in response to accusations of religious bias and violations of church-state separation, the evidence marshaled by antiabortionists to affirm the personhood of the fetus is not its alleged possession of a soul but its possession of a human body and genotype. In addition, by relying on biological, or genetic, determinism, the "right-to-life" move­ment asserts […]

Religious Symbolism

"Right-to-life" spokespeople strenuously oppose the characterization of their movement as primarily religious, despite all the evidence (see Chapter 7) about the centrality of religious personnel and institutions in antiabortion organizing. Many liberal Catholics are sensitive to the charge that the antiabortion cause is led by the church hierarchy, or to the association of the "right-to-life" […]

Fetuses and Persons

The paramount right to life is vested in each human being from the moment of fertilization without regard to age, health, or conditions of dependency. PROPOSED TEXT, HUMAN LIFE AMENDMENT The position that a fetus at any point in a pregnancy, beginning at conception, is a full human person bearing the panoply of rights available […]