How to find the ideal woman? Ten signs of its ideality

Those who argues that ideal women do not exist – diffident, diffident losers. How to find the ideal woman? Ten signs of its ideality
Angela Hawkey,

Certainly, ideal women under feet do not roll, but, believe me, they precisely go feet on this planet. Theoretically each man has a chance to meet it, but learn in It an ideal at whom the system of recognition of female images is adjusted can only is thin and is exact.

Reaction of this system to parameters «length of feet» and «the size of a breast» at men is individual. It is built in by the producer and works automatically. If you suddenly found out that with enthusiasm talk to the stranger about growth rate of a grass, be sure, it already passed primary elimination. Check it on 10 points given below, and if it corresponds to all of them, immediately put on it GOST stamp, in sense, drag it in the REGISTRY OFFICE, competitors yet did not come round. Ideal gait

You yet did not make out her face, its silhouette still represents an indistinct spot on the horizon, but you already passionately want to get acquainted with it. Gait of the ideal woman cannot learn at school of models. Easy ease and a natural rhythm of movements, a sure bearing – anything you separately will not notice it. You at all will not understand, why you would like to straighten shoulders, to pull in a stomach, to cast away the head and to walk in the same way. But you will straighten shoulders, will pull in a stomach and, certainly, will catch up with it at the next traffic light, after all ideal women always cross the road only by traffic regulations. Ideal age

Gait never deceives. Even if you caught up with it, and close it already three times mother heroine or the leader of production with a forty-year experience, you all the same were not mistaken. She is really ideal woman, simply long ago already someone’s. Do not grieve, while you help to inform to a bag entrance, take an interest, whether the son-in-law is necessary to the lady. Ideality is often inherited on the female line. The age of the ideal woman should be such that you had at all no questions about it. The ideal woman values each lived second and enjoys own age both in eighteen, and in hundred eighteen. Certainly, at its presence you too forget about own age at all. Ideal appearance

If the first that comes to mind at a view of the woman with a beautiful breast, «Here it is a breast!», appearance of this being is very far from an ideal. Any bright advantage to which the look constantly clings, leads sooner or later to an overstrain of your body… sight. Eventually, the decollete will cease to surprise soon, and suddenly it will appear that as a whole round you the being mediocre and uninviting lives. Attention! I do not say that in a decollete it is not necessary to look. It is necessary! But thus ideal appearance causes admiration all entirely. If at a look on «here it is feet» you think «here this is the Woman!», appearance of your vis-a-vis is really ideal. Laziness to read? Then listen!

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Ideal voice

The majority of stories about a cancelled meeting with the ideal woman breaks on the phrase «And here it opened a mouth». Business often not in the text which she said. Even very rational and substantial answer to a question «What is your name?», sounded from a subsoil of the nonideal woman, is capable power of sound pressure and richness of overtones to kill your libido on take-off. And here at the ideal woman the voice will not lose attracting charm even after three glasses of ice beer and fifteen years of smoking of makhorka. Joke. Certainly, the ideal woman does not drink and does not smoke. Again joke. Simply from makhorka and ice beer the voice of the ideal woman becomes even more ideal. Ideal sense of humour

The ideal woman is not intended in order that you to entertain. It is necessary you could shine at its presence by the best sides of the nature. The ideal woman laughs where you mentally put the note «everything laugh» and confusedly reddens in places which you noted in the appointment scenario «everything fall under a table and creep away». The ideal woman perfects the razor of own wit, making comments on series which she, certainly, does not look also own shortcomings of which it is certainly deprived. Ideal salary

The ideal woman surely possesses the profession necessary and useful to society. Thus she is engaged in work no more than two-three hours per day, and all rest of the time devotes to cares of your cosiness and wellbeing. The ideal salary allows it to put on and shoes on with taste, regularly to visit fitness club, a beauty salon and the dentist. The ideal woman is capable of the remained money a month more is tasty and variously to feed a family, to pay accounts for utilities and to postpone for the permit to the Himalayas. Thus its salary should be at least three times less than yours. It is an ideal difference in your salaries. Ideal health

The ideal woman is hurt never by the head. In a bed only your irresistible charm, but in any way banal flu can lay it. It, seemingly, never rubs callosities, has no cellulitis and does not break nails. Round it pathogenic microorganisms die in radius of three meters (of admiration) therefore the ideal woman can be used for disinfection of small rooms. The ideal woman has no problems to excess weight, superfluous hair on a body and superfluous relatives. The last circumstance is especially useful already for your health. Ideal taste

About that the woman has a good taste, says that fact that she paid to you attention. Even the ideal woman is capable to present to you a sweater at date of the defender of the Fatherland. But, unlike all sweaters, presented to you earlier, only this knitted product will suit you as native. Ideal taste never is evident therefore to notice it quite difficult. But if you are familiar with it more than a week, and you are not irritated still by color of curtains in its apartment, a form of its handbag and a wine choice at restaurant, seemingly, you came across the woman with ideal taste. Ah and, about taste: it it is fantastically tasty prepares. Ideal character

The ideal woman the most part of life stays in great mood and smiles even in a dream. If suddenly it is dissatisfied with something, you about it learn at once and confidentially, instead of in three years in court at the property section. She is able to postpone serious conversation till more suitable time, and if in the morning a weak voice to ask it to bring mineral waters, it brings mineral waters, instead of filing of brochures about harm of alcoholism. Nevertheless, the self-respect at the ideal woman too is ideal. So any attempts to sit down on the head are doomed by it to ideally deafening fiasco. Ideal naturalness

For the ideal woman it is more important to be, than to seem. For this reason it is more often than others does that wants, instead of what from it expected by people around. When the ideal woman wants to eat, she eats. She sleeps, when wants to sleep. Also makes love too only when it wants. The ideal woman receives pleasure from life itself and does not prevent to rejoice to you. Therefore when the ideal woman cries, it means that during this moment she really would like to cry, and not so new fur coat.

Here in brief and everything that you should know about ideal women. You argue, what never met that, what corresponds to all these requirements? I too. And all for one banal reason. The ideal woman can make pair to only the ideal man.

Look at itself in a mirror. If you shave right now and will pull in a stomach, whether there will be you ideal? Your girl thinks, what yes? You were lucky. It seems, you already found the ideal!

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