Than women irritate men? Ten errors of the weaker sex

Ideal people do not happen, so, and the ideal relations – too. All of us – different, everyone with the cockroaches in the head. And to live constantly in a consent, let even with darling, we unable. Though to do without quarrels easy – it is necessary not to quarrel simply. Than women irritate men? Ten errors of the weaker sex

So, not to state the opinions and desires, in everything to agree with the second half in anything not to contradict. In a word, forever to forget about the "I" and never about it to remember.

However it is not necessary to go on such easy way. Better the nobility that men a priori do not love in women and to use this knowledge for the good of your relations.

Women in modern society became very similar to men. It is shown not only that we wear trousers, we drink alcohol, we smoke, but also that we learned to think and act as a real man, as a result – to hold leading posts, learned лидерствовать. That is we gradually, slowly tidy up powers of men in the female handles.

Such situation the stronger sex, in principle, can and not irritate at all. But when business concerns the specific man and his specific woman – any will rebel. To it, we have plus and exclusively female habits which men simply hate. So, what we, such lovely and gentle, do not so?

1. We call darling hundred times in the course of the day. Even when the man is on work, all of us equally keep ringing to it with periodicity 20 minutes, without understanding that we distract it from affairs. We explain it to ourselves and it concern and care. However and care there is a limit. Laziness to read? Then listen!

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2. We for hours can speak with girlfriends by phone. Even if the subject of our conversation quantum physics, instead of the best recipes of cookery, the stronger sex takes offense at us. He very much loves attention to own person, and therefore is offended, thinking that with it, darling, to us and to speak there is nothing.

3. We gossip with girlfriends. We discuss all acquaintances and unfamiliar, forgetting that men do not transfer gossips of any sort. We dare to discuss his parents and friends. And he loves native and companions and demands respect for the family and for the environment.

4. We often cry. We know that tears – the dangerous weapon of women, but we start to use it constantly when something went not on our idea. As a result the man starts to perceive us as the crybaby and the whiner.

5. We use in its address diminutive-hypocoristic nicknames of the type "hare", "sweetie", "bear cub" and derivative of his name, for example, "Sashulechk". And by the way, the man considers itself as the Man from capital letter, instead of Sashulechka and especially, the hare because he is Alexander. It strong, sure, courageous. And suddenly – hare? Absurdity.

6. We aspire «охомутать» the man ahead of time. Often we start conversation on how strongly we want wedding and which. And after all the man – the conqueror, moreover – it is freedom-loving. And we assume another’s functions and we act as the aggressor.

7. Often we try to fulfill your potential at the expense of the darling. More truly, we aspire to look the most successful on its background. If at us career went uphill – we stick out for show our achievements and knowledge. We in a temper if us did not understand, can both to call the fool, and the ignoramus. And for the man similar things are humiliating. After all he considers itself(himself) cleverer. We at all do not think of that we and humiliate ourselves with similar phrases. After all if so, leaves that we are enamoured in uneducated, innocent, not adapted for human life.

8. We try to order our second half and we take great pain to break stereotypes about patriarchy in a family. We say to darling what to do, how to be farther, where to go. And it besides man’s prerogative. The man to tips of hair is convinced that the owner of the house – it, and anybody another. When it does us the hand and heart offer, we protest against surname change. And for the man it is offensive. It turns out that such behavior we show that it is not pleasant to us not only its surname, but also its family roots.

9. We often do not like a salary of darling. And God forbid, if we earn more! Let’s surely focus on it attention. It is clear that it is unpleasant to the man. He got used to feel a getter.

10. We are not able to listen to darling. Certainly, one and a half hour lecture about IT technologies is not interesting to us, no less than our chatter with girlfriends for the man is unattractive, however we stir in the pleasure and we do not allow to do same to the stronger sex.

If you consider that given above a mistake have to you no any relation – I congratulate. But it does not mean that you absolutely do not have them. Remember, what your actions infuriated the man, and try to correct the behavior. Be happy!

Updated: 12.10.2015 — 14:16