What means to be the successful woman?

Whether you reflected sometime on the one who such strong and successful woman? It is important to majority of us to be successful. But to success you choose what way? Each of us has a certain image to which we aspire. Image of the successful woman. What means to be the successful woman?
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Very often, when I ask this question to women, I hear approximately the following: sure, resolute, purposeful, basic, realized, clever, provided … Etc., etc.

And if to get accustomed, it is a certain image of the business lady, or perhaps even the businessman. Therefore as almost all qualities, actually, "man’s". Such now there is a stereotype of the successful person at the majority of people. But image of the successful person, personality, instead of Woman.

And a few years ago I moved in such mode. And, it is necessary notice, much reached. Only was tired strongly. Periodically there was a depression, and then already any achievements did not please.

And if to reflect – really we come to this world in a female body to be realized exactly so? What did God when divided mankind into men and women conceive?

Once I met the woman who an example of the life showed me that all can be differently. It worked 6 days in a month, and earned in 2 times more me. The rest of the time she enjoyed life and took care of the own life. No, incorrectly wrote! She always said that it does not work. That it did, delivered it pleasure. Simply she so lived, and this occupation was one more part of her life. Laziness to read? Then listen!

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And with a dying down in heart I thought then that I too so want. Before its emergence to me even to the head did not come that it is so possible to live. Same impudence simply so to enjoy life!

Directly, as in a joke:

«The girl Down caught a goldfish. That asks it to release in exchange for three desires. The girl agrees and asks: 1) the big — large ears, 2) big-big feet, 3) a big-big nose.

Small fish shocked!! Desires executed and floated, but did not sustain, returned and asks: «Girl, you ugly, poor, sick. You could ask to become the most beautiful, clever, rich, and you – a nose, ears?» «And ChYo, was POSSIBLE?» – the girl … asked»

As often I catch myself that I have this question: «And чё, it was possible?» The same woman who inspired me to change the life, presented to me the definition of the successful woman. And I give it to you:


She wants to do career – does. Wants children – gives birth. Wants in marriage – marries. Instead of wants – does not do, does not give birth, does not leave …

Yes, it is not so simple – for resolving to itself so to live. And for this reason I agree that is success! To resolve, afford, pass through sense of guilt and call of duty. And to live how you want.

And the most important that the rare woman who has afforded such luxury, can be at home long simply and to do nothing. I here sustained only half a year. Very much I creative and active. Here I write you something, I fly on the country, I am engaged in favourite business, even business organized. Only all this not because is necessary. And simply it would be desirable. Yes not at once at me everything so developed. Slowly. But the last some years I live how I want. At me it turned out. And it means, as at you to turn out. The main thing – to want.

A bit later I received one more gift from life. Other woman who opened for me one more degree of freedom came to my life.

I met it in November. And she told that next time we can meet it only in the spring. She does not love the Moscow winter therefore winters in Thailand, works there, is engaged in favourite business. And in the spring comes back. And again this question began to sound in we wash consciousness: «And чё, it is possible, huh?»

It is possible, it is possible, it is possible!! All is possible.]

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